"Using items is one of the key of surviving any battle"

-Holloa's introducing the items in the Tutorial

Motes work identically to their spell counterparts, only they ignore Reflect. Because Motes work same as spells, their power can be augmented via the Faith status and spell augments on the License Board. Orbs are elemental items that deal damage 25% of enemy's MAX HP, with a 50% success rate. Being elemental, their damage can be augmented via elemental enhancing equipment and opponents' possible elemental weakness. Orbs' damage is further increased by 50% with the accessory Pheasant Netsuke. It is then possible to instant kill an enemy by a correct Fang that targets its weakness, while using the accessory.

Knot of Rusts and Dark Matters deal non-elemental damage and although Knot of Rust is not very effective alone, each time one is used, the damage of Dark Matter increases.

The damage of Knot of Rust is (caps at 9999):

DMG = Current HP / Random(1~10)[1]

When a character has the Bubble status the Knot of Rust damage increases.

The damage of Dark Matter is the sum of all Knot of Rusts that have been used previously, divided by 3. Damage caps at 60,000. The counter resets to 0 after each use.

Restorative ItemsEdit

Item Action Price Location
Potion Restores minor HP; amount increases with Potion Lore. 70 gil Any shop
Hi Potion Restores moderate HP; amount increases with Potion Lore. 210 gil Any shop after Larsa's short Tutorial
X Potion Restores great HP; amount increases with Potion Lore. 630 gil Any shop after Balfonheim
Ether Restores MP; amount increases with Ether Lore. 222 gil Baknamy Shop in Necrohol of Nabudis before Ridorana Cataract
Hi Ether Restores great MP; amount increases with Ether Lore. 12,000 gil Bazaar
Elixir Completely restores HP and MP. 36,000 gil Bazaar
Megalixir Completely restores HP and MP of the party. 108,000 gil Bazaar
Phoenix Down Revives a character; amount of HP restored increases with Phoenix Lore. 250 gil Any shop
Antidote Removes poison. 50 gil Any shop
Gold Needle Removes petrification. 100 gil Any shop after Dalmascan Westernsand
Eye Drops Removes blindness. 50 gil Any shop
Echo Herbs Removes silence. 50 gil Any shop
Remedy Removes multiple status abnormalities; amount of abnormalities cured increases with Remedy Lore. 400 gil Any shop after Ozmone Plains
Alarm Clock Removes sleep. 50 gil Any shop
Handkerchief Removes Oil. 50 gil Any shop
Chronos Tear Removes stop. 50 gil Any shop after Salikawood Part 2
Smelling Salts Removes confusion. 50 gil Any shop
Vaccine Removes disease. 200 gil Any shop after Archades

Offensive and Buffing ItemsEdit

Item Action Sell
Rogue Dust Deals Fire damage to all foes in range. 10 gil
Azul Dust Deals Ice damage to all foes in range. 10 gil
Flavis Dust Deals Lightning damage to all foes in range. 10 gil
Dark Mote Deals Dark damage to all foes in range. 10 gil
Water Mote Deals Water damage to all foes in range. 25 gil
Aero Mote Deals Wind damage to all foes in range. 35 gil
Holy Mote Deals Holy damage to all foes in range. 50 gil
Warp Mote A mote containing the power of Warp. 50 gil
Reflectga Mote A mote containing the power of Reflect. 150 gil
Vanishga Mote A mote containing the power of Vanish. 250 gil
Hastega Mote A mote containing the power of Haste. 500 gil
Float Mote A mote containing the power of Float. 150 gil
Knot of Rust Deals damage to one foe. Powers up Dark Matter when used. 3 gil
Balance Mote A mote containing the power of Balance. 50 gil
Scathe Mote A mote containing the power of Scathe. 50 gil
Dark Matter Deals damage to all foes capable of breaking the damage limit. Damage is calculated by how many Knots of Rusts have been used. 1 gil
Eksir Berries Deals Dark-elemental damage to Avion foes. 5 gil
Bacchus's Wine Inflicts Berserk on ally or foe. 120 gil

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