"Ethers are essential if you want to keep using your Magicks."

-Freesia mentioning the use of Ethers in the short Tutorial

"Tincture of concentrated Mists compressed into a fluid"

-In game and manga description

Ether is an item introduced by Freesia in a short Tutorial at Ozmone Plains. She started out with 0 MP, so she uses an Ether on herself to restore her MP.

An Ether is a simple yet most hardly obtained item, yet only purchasable at a Baknamy merchant at Necrohol of Nabudis.

The default restoration of MP is 75, but the potency can be increase if a character activates their Ether Lore augment.

Effect Restores 75 MP
Upgrade (Ether Lore) Increases Ether potency. First augment +10%, second +15% and third +25%.
Cost 222 gil(sometimes varies)

Etymology, History, Present Uses and TriviaEdit

  • In real Chemistry, Ether is an organic compound that contains an ether group - an oxygen connected to two alkyl or aryl groups of general formula R-O-R'. Despite Ether is a consumable liquefied or 'molten' state, Ether is suppose to be a compound with a minimal 'obvious' uses. Yet, Ethers are also explained as a 'lubricant' for stubborn engines also as 'booster' for the fuel of a race car, and Ethers are also the new anesthetics replacing the chloroform which are very toxic.
  • Ethers, along with Elixirs are described as 'quite tasty' in the Kingdom Hearts: 358 1/2 Day manga. In which a situation that a Moogle merchant gave Roxas an expired Elixir. The Elixir is also given to Axel and Roxas tried to tell the Elixir has expired, but to late since Axel almost finishes.

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